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At The Collaborative Store we love products that stand the test of time and that is why natural, best quality, sustainable fabrics and yarns are central to our carefully curated fashion range. We want you to wear and love your knitwear for years to come, so here is our guide on how to make your quality knitwear live longer:


There is nothing like the feeling of high quality cashmere. Best cashmere consists solely of the softest, finest underhair of the cashmere goat. It is not blended with coarser cashmere fibers, other wools or synthetic materials. When you see a cashmere sweater on this site, you can be confident that it is made from pure cashmere. 

Vija V-Neck Red Cashmere Sweater

Cashmere has remarkable qualities, it is warm yet breathable does not itch and can be produced sustainably. When made of high quality yarn, with proper care, cashmere knits may last for many years as they require minimal washing.

So Good To Wear Classic Round Neck Dark Blue Cashmere Sweater

All our cashmere knits are designed to be long lasting, functional and pleasant to wear. A big part of clothing industry’s impact on the environment is garments' waste where clothes are used for a short period of time and washed too much. Simply wearing a garment longer without washing is a significant way to lessen its impact on nature. Layering a T-shirt underneath your sweater will prolong the life of your garment. Generally, high quality natural cashmere has self-cleaning properties. To care for your cashmere, air it properly, remove pilling with a specifically designed cashmere comb if needed and it is good to go again. A stain can usually be removed with cold water or steam. You could hang it in your bathroom while you’re taking a hot shower, for instance.

If you want to wash it, then hand wash your piece with biological soap and rinse thoroughly. Do not wring the fabric, as it will damage it. Gently squeeze instead. Don’t use a tumble dryer, dry the piece of clothing flat and on a towel that will absorb extra water.

Celia Cashmere Dress in Charcoal


Merino wool looks and feels amazing, it is a perfect combination of beauty and performance. Genuine merino wool is never itchy and is super soft, comfortable next to your skin. It is a naturally technical fibre that keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Diarte Jasper Extrafine Merino Wool Sweater in Brick

We select merino wool designs that we know come from the finest quality yarns and are sustainably sourced. Merino outperforms other fibres when it comes to building up resistance to unpleasant odours. You would find that often all it takes is for you to air your item properly and it is ready to be worn again. This means merino designs do not need to be washed as much which is also better for the envirnoment. Merino wool pieces can be washed normally and rarely need ironing. Hand wash using mild detergent and just squeeze gently (avoid twisting) and then lie flat to dry in order to maintain its shape. Pop it on a towel to absorb extra moisture. It is recommended to always follow washing instructions mentioned on the care label inside your garment.

Laumes Hand Knitted Merino Sweater in Black

Let your knitwear rest from time to time. It is best to try to avoid wearing the same garment every day. Knitwear should be stored folded and never hung as that may cause your piece to stretch. Wrapping it in some sort of packaging and/or placing lightly covered cedar wood balls in your drawer protects it against moths. If moths have already gotten to your cashmere item, then placing it in a freezer for a few days might help, after which you should wash it by hand.

Enjoy and do not forget to show some love to your knitwear! x


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