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We are thrilled to be the first retail space in London to exclusively launch revolutionary certified organic skin & hair care, the Whey Series (browse our beauty edit here). A unique and understated approach to skincare is at the heart of vielö's philosophy, celebrating simple, yet effective ingredients. We sat down with co-founder, Christian Pazenberger, to talk about this new beautifully scented line:

How was vielö born and what motivated you to create your product line, and more importantly “organic” product, in spite of the huge selection of various skin & hair care in the market?

Yes, you are absolutely right, it is a very saturated market but also one which we believe is in dire need of change. We launched vielö out of the desire to celebrate simplicty and to establish a new and understated approach to skin care. At vielö we strive to offer an organic and sustainable alternative for design lovers. Currently, the skin care industry is still characterized by artificial complexity and ludicrous advertising. In constrast to this approach, we want to celebrate simple, yet effective high-quality ingredients and focus on the essentials without compromising quality. For us, uncompromising quality means to avoid all potentially harmful and disputed ingredients. As a result we opted not only for natural skin care but for certified organic skincare which assures the highest and strictest international quality standards.

What is the difference between natural and organic skin care?

Natural, organic, vegan, clean, fresh, non-toxic. If you sometimes get confused by cosmetics advertising, then we understand very well. We at vielö would like to change this. The Austrian Organic Cosmetics Regulation not only requires a higher content of organic ingredients, but also prohibits many ingredients that are still permitted and common in natural skin care, such as sulphates. We know it sounds similar for consumers and gets regularly mixed up, nevertheless there is a big difference in quality between natural skin care and organic skin care. The reason for the confusion is that terms such as organic and natural are not uniformly regulated within the EU and this leads to a lot of „greenwashing“ in the industry. This is something we try to change by acting transparently and describing all our ingredients and their effects on our website.

vielö has gone through extensive Research & Development process. What are the main components and what would be the benefits?

That’s right. It has been a very demanding and intense development process consisting of many rounds of adaption. At the same time is was a very rewarding process thanks to our colaborative approach involving our target audience in every stage of our product development. All our products have in common that they are based on organic whey, a by-product of the cheese production. That’s why our first product line is called, the WHEY SERIES. Whey is perfectly suited to skin and hair care. This is partly due to the lactic acid it contains, which has the same structure as the one formed in the body. Whey can have a positive effect on the acid mantle of the skin and can help to care for and regenerate especially dry and sensitive skin. For us it is the perfect main ingredient for our sustainable and organic skin and body care line.

What kinds of skin types are vielö products made for?

vielö products can be used by all skin and hair types but due to the moisturising and nourishing effect of whey our vielö products are especially suitable for dry and sensitive skin. 

Lastly, how would you recommend someone who is new to organic skin care to start switching over?

When it comes to switching over, there are basically two options. The first is the drastic option, to switch everything at once, the second one is a step by step approach, meaning switching to an organic product when you need a new one. When you do not know where to start we recommend your body since it is the largest area of your skin. When you switch to organic, it may take some time until your skin but especially your hair gets used to organic products even more so if you have been using products containing harsh ingredients such as sulphates and silicones before. One beauty hack especially with natural shampoos is to use half the amount but applying it twice, this gives a cleaner finish. The experience itself may also feel slightly different (less foamy) but after some time you will see the benefits. Your skin, scalp and hair will feel natural and healthier and one of the first differences you might realize, especially if you have dry and sensitive skin, is your skin does not dry out instead it feels soft and nourished.

Discover full selection of vielö's whey series here. Feel free to request complimentary samples with your next order via hello@thecollaborativestore.co.uk

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