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We are thrilled to hold ‘Hoshi’ exhibition with Corinne Natel in our space and welcomed her latest original work including exclusive new pieces from late June. Corinne is an abstract artist working with mixed media. A blank white canvas takes on a new form through the expression of energy and begins to develop a life of it's own and a new entity, aiming to create vibrant and emotive fluid works. 

Hoshi is a Japanese name meaning star. Corinne’s latest works are related to astral influences, with hints of golds among the black night sky, these abstract shapes flow and form to another space.

The artworks selected showcase Corinne’s dynamic fluid abstracts, which all take on inspiration from nature and the elements that form to allude to another world. 


How did you get started?
I have always been creative and really enjoyed art in school. I came to a crossroads at degree level of choosing to study Fine Art or Media Production. I thought I should study Media Production. I went onto to work as a web designer which was quite creative. After a few years of working I knew something was missing. I started painting again and knew that was the missing piece! I then got the opportunity to leave my job and do some freelance web design work and this enabled me to have the freedom to paint more and more and develop my art career. Painting is my ultimate passion and I feel lost if I don't paint for a while.
Can you tell us about the process of making your work and what inspires you?
I mostly work on large pieces around 1m, on boards flat rather than upright, so I can pour liquid paint onto the canvas, it then has a life of its own and runs everywhere. It can get very messy! I wear protective gloves and sometimes a mask too. As it is fluid it tries to control you and then you try to control it to go where you want it to go. So it is a friendly battle of who is in control – me or the paint?! I build up layers and leave it to dry which can sometimes take days. Then I go over it to create more layers, until I am happy with the shape and effects.
I get inspired from many things from nature, media, fashion, and travel. I'm very lucky to have a studio in the garden - I am always inspired by the seasons and time of year and this usually reflects in my work and also colour investigations.

Which artist of the past would you most like to meet?
When I was studying art my art teacher introduced me to the works of Alberto Giacometti, who is one of my ultimate inspirations. Although my work now does not reflect his type of work, I learnt so much from his pieces, which focused on investigating negative space and how this worked in relation to his subjects. I am always looking for the negative space in artworks. It is creating that perfect balance between matter and space that flows and breathes.
Also Georgia O’Keeffe as she was such an influential woman in art and I find her work incredibly inspiring.

Do you find that London’s art scene inspires or influences your art?
I find London’s art scene very exciting - I feel so lucky to live here, there are a lot of opportunities and inspiration for artists here.

Why do you love what you do?
I love how painting makes me feel a sense of freedom, escapism and is the ultimate form of expression. I enjoy how I can go on a journey when painting, from a blank white canvas to creating something new. I feel complete making art and I know that I am supposed to be doing this, that it is my purpose (dharma).
Find the new exhibition from Corinne Natel in store and online.

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